Tuesday, 20 July 2010


aight! i think we got all the bear breasts we are gonna get so i say its time to vote.
once its done lui (i hope) will set the pic up as our new logo. so just say ur favorite
in the comments section and whoever gets the most i love yousss will be the winner.
good show on everyone. some amazing art for shure. once weve gotten the new logo up we will commence a new challange. whoever has good idea for the next challange should also put that up in the comments.


  1. theres lots of awesome art out. sam was on the top of my poll for long then jim came along and shattered my dreams so i gotta say my vote is for jims Honorable Ephesius Remsen Hamersley &
    Marquis Whittaker Sumner of Croft. u just cant beat that. go jim!!!!

  2. its your one gern no need to vote you humble man.

  3. do i put it at the top or at the side?

  4. Sam's. Seriously, that shit is hawt.

  5. Possible challenge suggestions I'm just gonna throw out there:

    -Firefox vs Thunderbird... FIGHT!

    -Ronnie Fluffychauck, the boy who could travel 3 seconds back in time!

    -The ninjastic adventures of Jimaru! (Maru = Japanese for round)

  6. Another challenge suggestion: Zombie animals!

  7. I'm throwin' my lot in for gern.

    I have a feeling though, that you haven't seen that last of the Honorable Ephesius Remsen Hamersley &
    Marquis Whittaker Sumner of Croft.

  8. Some challenge ideas:

    - could go for a 'classic fan art' capcom themed. Its been a while since I've drawn other characters I love.

    -paper round Xtreeeeeme.

    -ancient astronaut.

  9. I vote for............................................................ Gern, with a close second place to Jimbo.
    Awesome stuff everyone!

  10. Challenge idea:

    Everyone choose a a member from here to draw as the best suited character from Mario

  11. to comment on jims idea about the about capcom fanarts. i was throwing around the idea of a challange with lui called RACIAL STEREOTYPE FIGHTER. basically just spoof all those streetfighteresque fighting games and take it as far as possible. i mean red zyklong wrestling bears, yoga fire. and indians? maybe to soon for this newly born blog i reckon so for the future or summit?

  12. i must say. im mighty interested in that zombie animals thing...

  13. my challegne idea was draw a 'naturist warrior'

  14. I reckon we should keep it broad - This last challenge was good but everything was quite similar cos the brief was pretty specific.

    How about "Suggestions for new Street Fighter characters" - which could potentially include naturist warriors, zombie animals, racial stereotype fighters.etc

    as long as you can imagine them in the game....

    Also. How is the voting going? When does Gern get announced winner?

  15. Oh Sam, you're so subtle.
    Also, http://i290.photobucket.com/albums/ll243/ShoRyuBarbie/Drakenslag/Drakenslag_New_small.jpg

  16. hahahahaa, thats hilarious. Did you draw it? I was there for the WK finals. A lot of people looking like that but less happy.