Friday, 30 July 2010

Member Monsters

Okay you dirty cheese eater (gern)- have at'cha!!! A veritable parade of cock creations!! Now stop with the harshness maaaaan! I was away from a scanner for three weeks- and your schedule is tight! Hope I make up for it with this and we can start posting things unrelated to willies and boobies! Awesome bear tits by the way to everyone, with particular kudos to Jimb0- I can almost feel that soft bear neck skin turning into fleshy breat as I run my hand nervously down their necks....

Marcel, nice to meet you and I love the porcupenis- i can hear that pop,pop,pop everytime I see the animation go and I have been staring at it for 2 minutes. Truly satisfying spurts.


  1. awesome man! i could see some animals evolving into these things in the far future.

  2. I love the cocktopus. And the hand, that one looks really good!
    They all look very surprised,like they used to be something else and just all of a sudden changed into these things.

  3. great!
    A phallic game-verse awaits these minions of depravity! Our hero must meet them well!

  4. in my face!
    yes u smothered ur filthy cocks in my face and i am honored. nicely done on getting it done, so fast.
    u showed me. and thats some lush coloring. its the cuddlies penises ive ever seen at least some of them.

  5. These are so cool man, love the colouring!
    The cocktapuss is awesome!