Tuesday, 10 August 2010


okay here it is. i left it to the last minute and then shit kept getting in my way but im finnally done. not at all happy with the paintjob, especially the sky sucks. but win some lose some, im knackered. im ready for the next challange hurra.


  1. this is the shit maaaaaaaan. you totally outdone yourself with this one!

  2. damn, what a heavy piece of meat!
    man, its scary, but great piece. I would like to see this monster go at it with Godzilla!

  3. Think of the film that would make! :D lol
    Great stuff dude, scary as shit! but brilliant!!

  4. cheers dudes. i was actually draw godzilla style spikes on its back but i along the way i forgot i was supposed to do that. and i was going to use it for a punk bands poster but alas didnt work out yet..